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Why Choose West Coast?

Transform your car, truck, van, or entire fleet with West Coast Audio Tint Sac’s vehicle wraps and car graphics, turning them into a canvas to showcase your style or brand. This not only adds a personalized touch but also serves as a constant advertising tool, working for you day and night. Beyond the conventional choices like exterior color or interior features, use our vehicle wraps and car graphics to truly make your vehicle uniquely yours. Our graphics technicians, professionally trained and equipped, are ready to design and install a variety of vehicle wraps and car graphics. Whether you prefer striping, lettering, flaming, or wrapping, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, we specialize in creating and installing custom cutout vinyl letters and unique car graphic designs.

We offer the best vehicle wrap packages

Recognized as the industry leader, 3M excels in crafting the most resilient vehicle wrapping materials designed for enduring quality, regardless of the application. Renowned globally, 3M’s Paint Protection Film (Pro Series Gen 4) sets the standard for vehicle wraps aimed at safeguarding paint and surfaces against elements like rocks, abrasions, and even shopping carts! If you’ve invested in a sleek new ride, maintain its pristine appearance with 3M protection technology, exclusively available in California at Westcoast Audio & Tint. Explore a vast selection with 3M Vinyl 1080 Vehicle Wraps, offering over 100 patterns and colors to refresh the look of your car or truck. Whether you choose to wrap the entire vehicle or customize smaller areas for accents, 3M provides unparalleled versatility. Dive into a world of possibilities with Carbon Fibers, Chromes, Shadows, Satins, and Mattes—3M has everything you can dream of and more.

Vehicle Wrap & Graphics Benefits:

  • Elevates Style and Aesthetic Appeal
  • Wraps Are More Economical Than Comparable Paint Jobs
  • Provides a Greater Array of Color Options Than Traditional Painting
  • Requires Significantly Less Time Than a Conventional Paint Job
  • Allows for Digital Graphics and Branded Advertising
  • Safeguards the Factory Paint Finish and Is Completely Removable
  • Shields Against Nicks, Scratches, and Minor Damage
  • Guards Against Harmful Ultraviolet (UV) Rays
  • Boosts Resale Value by Preserving the Paint Finish
  • Installation Conducted by Expertly Trained Wrap Professionals

Vinyl Car Wraps

Unleash your creativity with Vinyl Car Wraps using 3M’s high-quality vinyl. From carbon fiber tail fins to chromed-out mirrors and camo patterns in green or black, the possibilities are endless. Experience the awe-inspiring transformation with color-flip vehicle wraps that add an extra dimension to your car’s look and feel. In California, Chrome Deletes have become a popular choice for vehicle wrapping, instantly transforming the chrome aesthetics into a sleek, dark finish using 3M Satin Black vinyl wrapping film. Whether it’s side mirrors, side trim, or front grills, Chrome Deletes offer a stylish makeover. Take it a step further by wrapping the vehicle’s interior, exploring a palette of over 100 different colors, patterns, and textures for a truly customized appearance.

Printed and Laminated Wraps

Graphic Corporate Vehicle Wraps, printed and laminated, are a staple in California for effective company branding. Whether it’s staff vehicles, delivery trucks, or home-based businesses, these wraps offer a cost-effective advertising solution with a one-time purchase. Renting a billboard can set you back over $10,000 per month. Why not turn your own vehicle into a moving billboard every day with a Printed Graphic Vehicle Wrap from Westcoast Audio & Tint? Crafted with high-resolution printing and vibrant colors, your brand is showcased in the true beauty of 3M technology, wrapped seamlessly onto any car, truck, or van, and laminated for lasting durability over the years.

3M Paint Protection Film

The prevailing choice for vehicle wraps in California is the 3M Paint Protection Film. While this car wrap gained widespread popularity in the early 2000s, its origins trace back to the Vietnam War when 3M was commissioned by the United States Military to develop a protective film within their aerospace division. The exceptional durability of this film eventually led to its adoption in new vehicles, particularly in California. The robustness of 3M’s Vehicle Wrap films has not only pioneered an entire industry but continues to fuel innovation today, with advancements such as self-healing car wraps. The availability of matte and satin options has further allowed for a level of customization using these protective wraps.

Warranty On Your Vehicle Wraps

West Coast Audio Tint Sac, in partnership with 3M USA, offers warranty coverage for your vehicle wraps with North America-wide, transferable warranties. The 3M USA Service Agreement even provides coverage for body damage repairs up to $3500, exclusively available for 3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film through West Coast Audio Tint Sac. 3M’s vehicle wraps are produced in the world’s most advanced facilities and developed by the largest state-of-the-art research and development program in the realm of chemicals and adhesives. Secure your vehicle wrap today at West Coast Audio Tint Sac.



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